August 18, 2014

I'm Likin' it! : Personal | Midwest and Destination Wedding Photographer

Hey guys!
Thought I'd do something different today.
I don't know about you, but as a photographer I always enjoy seeing how others in my field do things.
I believe you can learn something from everyone, big or small.
So I thought it might be fun to share a few things that I'm really liking from time to time.
Today I'm going to share just a little packaging something for those of you doing photography or in other ways self employed. And another something I'm having a ton of fun with, for anyone and everyone.
Hope you find it helpful!
Don't laugh at my home movie. I need to work on talking in a more flattering way, I couldn't find one good screen shot for this, lol.

First link here.
Second link here.

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August 12, 2014

Katie : Lifestyle | Oak Brook Lifestyle Photographer

Katie is a beautiful, adventurous heart. 
And her portraits from last weekend are gracing this page today.

Katie is a photographer herself, but everyone needs some portraits done every once in a while.
And I'm honored she asked me to take them.
Thanks for being so fun Katie! And for laughing with me till our eyes filled with tears.
 And before you ask, because I know you will, her dress is from Marshall's.

 photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3558_zpsbb6b5d9b.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3682_zps9a2f4658.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-8031_zpsbb3456d0.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3937_zps55b3ab41.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3676_zps4581c781.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-7984_zpsb38fee12.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-8002_zps7d6f2383.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3719_zpsc31d13a8.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-7939_zpsa7880a6f.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3592_zpsfa896dd8.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3671_zps8b1b6646.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3728_zps7e490fc9.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-7933_zps009217f9.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3696_zpsb706a424.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3883_zpsfc2f1a67.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3841_zpsdb373307.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3570_zpscf82154b.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-3839_zpsa7cac5c7.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-8035_zps165454af.jpg  photo katie-oak-brook-evangeline-renee-photo-8012_zps845f1a0c.jpg
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August 4, 2014

Vote for Your Favorite Story : Midwest Wedding Photographer

So I've been wondering....
When I post my engagements and weddings what stories do you like hearing the best?

Are you all about the details? Or are you the romantic who wants to hear all about the love story?

1. Do you like hearing about the day and how it all came together.
2. Do you like to hear my perspective and more of the behind the scenes stuff.
3. Would you rather just hear the love story of the two people.
4. Do you want me to post more how-to's and educational stuff.
5. Or maybe you just like to skim and want the pictures to talk for themselves.
(In that case you won't be reading this and we'll never know what you like;) 

Could you guys comment with what you like?
I want to give you all what you appreciate the most.

In other news! 
My new website is almost ready! I'm so excited and can't. wait. for you to see it!
I'm just finishing up the last details and if everything goes as planned will have the new launch in the next month.

 photo EvangelineRenee-503_zpsb6a42ea6.jpg photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-henry-breeding-barn-columbus-indiana-photographer-1321_zps3218ed73.jpg  photo 645a2624-8472-49f8-9cdb-5743a73ad37c_zpsa9d8833e.jpg  photo EvangelineRenee-562_zps6453e6c3.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-henry-breeding-barn-columbus-indiana-photographer-0837_zps678447ec.jpg  photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-1253_zps13fe94be.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-wheaton-engagement-photographer-2578_zps8af2c2b8.jpg  photo tyler-amanda-evangeline-renee-photo-9142_zps15e72ffc.jpg  photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-2948_zpsebace343.jpg

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July 28, 2014

Olivia Ruth : Newborn | Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time you'll recognize that I never really have baby images on it.
That's because I don't shoot newborns. But about once a year I have the honor of documenting one of the most precious times in a family's life. The arrival of a sweet blessing. 
Olivia was literally the most perfect baby, and almost made me reconsider adding newborn sessions to my business.
 You might remember Olivia's parents from this shoot. They are some of the most kind, sweet, awesome people I've ever met. And I can't wait to see who Olivia becomes with these two as her mom and dad.

 photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6930_zps2acf727e.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7182_zps407b0808.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7052_zps5e60261c.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7465_zps3e15e7a4.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7207_zps9e8f520e.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7370_zps4f9f92a7.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6935-2_zps688725e3.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6943_zps6157605a.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7394_zpsacae1795.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7237_zps4f01d7bb.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7362_zpsce03e27b.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7381_zpsc7016db8.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6890_zps4f13a0ec.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6849-2_zps20e96210.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7423_zps0f315652.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7035_zps6346a2f8.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7119_zps07c9fb14.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7013_zps687e7f39.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6995_zpsb59238ea.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6930-2_zps1f0e7fbf.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6972_zps50a530aa.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7311_zpsb48d2045.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7342_zps76d3ac44.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7326_zpsd47ead21.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7233_zpsd31fd225.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-6815_zpsb1b8419d.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7351_zps586750b5.jpg  photo olivia-ruth-evangeline-renee-photo-7195_zps7eaaa4b5.jpg

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