August 2, 2015

Eric and Ashley : Sneak Peek | Columbus IN Wedding Photographer

This happened today, and it was wonderful.

 photo eric-ashley-wedding-9539_zps1mokdwqh.jpg

Congrats Eric and Ashley!
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July 27, 2015

Engagement Shoot Give Away! : Personal | Midwest Wedding Photographer

Goood morning, I'm back!
Back from a wonderful maternity leave.
If you want to see the adorableness I call my third born son please click here.

I'm excited to get back to shooting once again! And when I'm excited I'm needless to say happy, and when I'm happy I like to give things to people. Family comes first, but documenting your love stories is such a passion of mine, it's something I could hardly wait to start again.

To celebrate getting back into shooting again I'm giving away one totally free engagement session!

 photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0954_zpse8bxrxum.jpg

Here are the details:
One free engagement session to one deserving couple. 
The shoot must take place within 30 miles of Indianapolis or Chicago.
The session will last about an hour, and you'll get your images as a digital download with rights to duplicate.
To nominate please send a picture of the couple you'd like to see get a free shoot.
And please send a short note with three words attached, the first word describing the bride, the second describing the groom, and the third describing them as a couple.
Easy, right?
Send your submissions to by August 8th.
The winner will be announced after the 8th.
The shoot will take place by the end of Oct.

Let the submissions begin!

(Contest not open to my family, or current clients, so sorry.)

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May 29, 2015

David and Rose : Engagement | Indianapolis Engagement Photographer

I knew from the time we first spoke on the phone that I was going to like Rose. 
She's just so bubbly and fun!
And man, David and her together, let's just say their engagement shoot last night was a blast.
Laughing, dancing, a picnic, what could be better.

I think it's so cute and funny how this couple's story starts with them going on an accidental date. David wanted to pursue this lovely redheaded girl, but she wasn't really interested.
They ended up going out one evening and at the end of the night Rose realized she had just went on a date without thinking about it.
And well, the rest is history.

 photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2275_zpse7emohjn.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2315_zpsjafcidjz.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2633_zpspc7uqh82.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2778_zpshhz5zyo6.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2208_zpsuulch8w0.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2868_zpswzhktl3c.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2393_zpsnikfich4.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2508_zpsnh3ltvp5.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2304_zpsdi6t3gsi.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2450_zpskgukojla.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2271_zpsoszggz9l.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2303_zpsmiudc9uv.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-3117_zpstdlrvrad.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2987_zpsavnnukbz.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2624_zpsgxry2hh4.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2397_zpsntdtlzgw.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2892_zpsvkdgaz3w.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2796_zpsbbmzcpfj.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2200_zpsnoic5gfm.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2280_zpstszas8m1.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-3049_zpsxfq1ljcr.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2262_zpsdzeque2d.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2560_zpshvgz6mcs.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2195_zps3wnqlpj1.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2819_zpsztwbip9d.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2808_zpsojpijusf.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2693_zpsgvctvewj.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2651_zpsljgx0ub7.jpg  photo IMA-engagement-pictures-evangeline-renee-photo-2164_zpsz0yhk2ik.jpg
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May 25, 2015

Kate and Zane : Engaged | Columbus Indiana Engagement Photographer

From what I hear the 'crushing' started back in sixth grade,
but things didn't become official until senior year.
Kate and Zane have been together ever since. 
Through college, now on to working, living life, getting married, and happily ever afters.
I loved how chill these two are, and sweet they are to each other.
And I love it that even though they've known one another for half of their lives, and let's admit it, maybe through the most awkward years to know someone, they still want to be together.

Loved meeting you, and pretty much can't wait for your Fall wedding, Kate and Zane!

 photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1537_zpsutysqkbc.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1613_zpstaqycrbk.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1509_zps2m8wftso.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1781_zpsig6vsfdn.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1638_zpskvhdxpxn.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1713_zps2isxemdv.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1566_zpslqdoeisf.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1503_zpsnxc6prbq.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1413_zpsvjyj7k00.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1486_zps0uugcdgz.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1573_zpsdn93gpjx.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1703_zpsdjfcxzuq.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1754_zpsgj0fsvv3.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1686_zpsvyywekg8.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1379_zps684kgawv.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1474_zpsuja25cgc.jpg
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May 21, 2015

Ashley and Eric : Engaged | Columbus Engagement Photographer

You know those people you haven't met yet but just have a good feeling about?
Well that's how I felt when I got Ashley's wedding photography inquiry.
I just felt like I knew her and her fiancĂ© already. I still can't figure out why I would feel that way, but I guess it just means we're supposed to be friends. 
Ashley and Eric are such a fun and passionate couple.
I loved watching him make her laugh, how they interact, and how purposeful their relationship is.
I hope this engagement shoot was just the beginning of a long friendship for us.
I can't wait for the the wedding day of these two dynamic people!

 photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0954_zpshzt85muk.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0878_zpsx7rganlb.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0798_zps9cpozzu8.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0925_zpsryjricj5.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1135_zpsxkeuue50.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0985_zpsumxigff7.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1226_zpseounnomu.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0711_zpsepnsdski.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0446_zpsqreo3hek.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1003_zpsbpdmcdls.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1111_zps8lnhvwxd.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0819_zpsx1dn7qvr.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0445_zpsv5s1jkrr.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0952_zpszoiu4lgg.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0735_zpsp29kbeim.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0482_zpsfvyjpypw.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1231_zps7irckj84.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0716_zpsdhvhv3ft.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0920_zpsvgmlhvpt.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1086_zps5fmkant7.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1152_zpst8t5ankj.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0639_zpse5s57b6e.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1013_zpsehpobqbu.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1209_zps4twf2dro.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-1189_zpscin4o0f2.jpg  photo columbus-indiana-photographer-photo-0517_zpssapqwtpz.jpg

 If you want to see behind the scenes from this shoot, and all our other adventures make sure to follow my husband and me on Instagram!
  Evangeline's Instagram 
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