April 11, 2014

Light Story Workshop : Announced | Midwest and Destination Wedding Photographer

I'm going to do it!
It's official, we're going to do another photography workshop this year!
Last year's was such an amazing experience we're kinda addicted I think.
So here's the skinny. 

When: June 11th-12th
Where: Gorgeous, Brown County Indiana
How much: $645
What's provided: Most meals, housing, and two days of fun, informative, and hands on training.
Topics covered will be, but not limited to:
How to shoot a wedding
The editing process
SLR Video 101

 photo ER-Lightstory14poster-Copy_zps540a16a8.jpg
There's going to be learning, cameras, brides, practical instruction, Q and A's, photoshoots, frozen yogurt, and lots more! 
This workshop is designed especially for women ages 15 and above who have a beginner or intermediate knowledge of photography and want to push themselves to the next level. There will be something for the hobbyist, the portrait photographer, the next wedding photographer, and those who want to incorporate video into their business.  

Come learn, make new friends, build your portfolio, and have fun!

Please email evy@evangelinerenee.com to get an application, or with questions.
I wish I could accept everyone but there will be a limit to the class.
Price goes up April 20th, So email me today!

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April 9, 2014

Jordan and Olivia : Wedding | Western Springs Wedding Photographer

Well I must say my first wedding of the year was definitely a very special one to me.
It's such a surreal thing to watch your own sister get married.
We haven't always been best friends, but then again we have. We could push all the right buttons to get each other upset, but when it came down to it, we were buddies. She knew all my secrets. I know her better than most people and I gotta say, Jordan is perfect for her. We're all very happy for them! 
It seemed so strange, yet beautiful to see my little sister all grown up and now a gorgeous bride. She really did look just stunning, and Jordan, can we say dapper?!
The weather forecast called for a perfect day, then rain, then snow, and so on and so forth. In the end it was a little cold during midday, but it was so beautiful how the sun came out at the end of the day, as if to shine a blessing on their new life together.
All the best to you, Olivia and Jordan! 
I'll be coming to visit you in FL...but not for a while.

I'm going to split this wedding up into a few different posts, so here's the first installment;
wedding day portraits.

Also, I can't thank my shooting partner/husband Tim and our awesome assistants enough for helping me shoot everything. Literally couldn't have done it without them!

 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1022_zps7c4e3060.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1087_zps3cf42d64.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1015_zps123f511f.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1040_zpscb7cae1a.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1020_zps4c493766.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1075_zps13e0470c.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1082_zpsde46a69b.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1106_zpse21d89b3.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1367_zps77137fde.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1413_zpsa03a5ea3.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1317_zps42620459.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1424_zpsb96a3803.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1307_zps9ec7b2cf.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1388_zpsac13a648.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1279_zps4f8ec929.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1300_zps9dc68f79.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1453_zps8e49d07c.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1518_zps0d9e3268.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1507_zpsbd5f7ae9.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1500_zpsf223fd68.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1490_zpse8ee0a57.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1475_zps3d50bc12.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1484_zps5810f747.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1456_zps31870130.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1530_zps818546c0.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1292_zps83c250ec.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1271_zps05e4654f.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1233_zps4e07c980.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1257_zps10dda7f9.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1179_zpscef9eec1.jpg  photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1545_zps36ecafae.jpg

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March 29, 2014

Jordan and Olivia : Sneak Peek | Western Springs Wedding Photographer

Jordan and Olivia got married today!

So so happy for these two!

 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-2110_zps8803162d.jpg  photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-2288_zps39143f7c.jpg

Many more to come.
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March 25, 2014

Jordan and Olivia : Lifestyle | Gull Lake Portrait Photographer

The wedding week has finally come! My sister Olivia is getting married to Jordan this Saturday! You're going to see a lot more of these two good-looking people in the coming days.
Let the fun times begin!

These aren't anything official, just some shots I grabbed while on vacation last year.

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-3157_zpscf23a77e.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-3159_zpsea4d9435.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-3147_zps7440e6a2.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-3139_zpse0d5b45a.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-3111_zps0a42de20.jpg
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March 18, 2014

Year in Review : Personal | Midwest Wedding Photographer

In keeping with tradition, and because they're fun, I'm doing a year in review/behind the scenes!
As this next wedding season gets ready to start in full swing, I'm so so thankfully for everyone that made this last year awesome.
To my husband, thanks for being great to shoot with, completing me and my work, and being a good sport.
To my clients, I love you! Thanks for trusting me with documenting your big day, and for being the bestest, most beautiful people to work with.
To my fellow vendors, you were super fun and awesome to work with. Thanks for going the second mile to make the day/shoot happy for everyone.
To my Interns, thanks for making this year's workshop a complete blast! I miss you all!
And you, my blog readers, thanks for coming along for another year of adventuring. Your support means so much!
 photo IMG_6560-2_zps5c8b6756.jpg  photo IMG_7600-2_zpsdabd4a73.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-6077-2_zps82eeda90.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6278-2_zps66ff7047.jpg  photo IMG_4456-2_zps39b01234.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-oak-brook-5427-2_zps508a3c8e.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-engagement-shoot-5541-2_zps3f1f5672.jpg  photo IMG_5986-2_zps8f766933.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-7-2_zps90eb3e91.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-engagement-shoot-5654-2_zpsd9095e07.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-engagement-columbus-indiana-mill-race-park-3067-2_zpsdd1f20c2.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-engagement-shoot-5467-2_zps9a1ce129.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-192-2_zps576790bc.jpg  photo EvangelineRenee-316-2_zpsdb5cac97.jpg  photo IMG_4457-2_zpsa8b7726e.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-1959-2_zpsa1c9ed31.jpg  photo EvangelineRenee-245-2_zps3e86cd2f.jpg  photo _MG_9988-2_zps32a20e62.jpg  photo IMG_8617-2_zps24226996.jpg  photo _MG_0503-2_zpsb94562f3.jpg  photo EvangelineRenee-237-2_zps7a3fb80b.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-2131-2_zps9c0582be.jpg  photo evangeline-renee-photo-2111-2_zps4f4e0897.jpg  photo IMG_4458-2_zps5b3937d8.jpg

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